viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Romeo models unboxing- Sannite warrior bust

Today i wanna show you this bust of the brand Romeo models.

It´s a very huge bust, and biggest shield.

 These are all the pieces that will shape our bust.

 As you can see the shield is almost as big as my hand.

 The first package brings us all the little pieces as the spears, plumes, a part of a sword....

All good details and good metal.

Now the problem begins....

"Whats wrong with your eyes dude?"

The eyes of this miniatures are the worst I´ve ever seen in a bust.
When I saw it, I started to freak out a little...

I thought the body was ok,good detail, some stuff to fix as always, but....

When I started to put together the arms and the body, I realize that half of the arm is missing in the process of sculpt! when you try to fit the two parts, nothing works right... Very very scared now.

 This are the hole package.
I´m very dissapointed with the quality of the bust. If I can keep the desire of painting the bust at this point, (thing that i don´t at all) so much work on sculpt are wainting me.

jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

New section

Well,  For a while i´m thinking of make more and deeper tutorials, so I buy a videocamera, and start to think in a few proyects.
Will be awesome if you let me in the comments what tutorials would you want to see.

Hope You like it and see you soon!

lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

Beneito Miniaturas Unboxing - American Revolution.

Well, I decide to do unboxings of the lesser known minaitures that I paint or the ones that I think that stand out, may be cuality, may be rarity....

Today had arrived at my home an order I do a few days. Lately I really enjoying the historical miniatures, I think in the market there are a lot of amazing brands that do a really awesome minis.

I had never purchased before on beneito miniaturas, and I´m very surprised of the result.

The packaging is really nice.

As you can see the inside brings a very nice instructions. If you don´t have so much idea of history (as my case) this will help you a lot.

These are the parts of the miniature, and brings too some scene parts to make a good story.

As you can see the cuality is really high, and just for 22 euros.

Celtic warrior 3rd century B.C. - WIP

This time I don´t have pictures of the entire process, I hope it will help anyway...

As I always do, I prime in two colours, black for the entire figure and white for the lights.

This step will help a lot in the futures steps.

I want to do a very irish man, so I use reds and pinks for teh skin, and desaturated a lot the lights.

After the general tone, I put some blue and green in the shadows, because the cold environment of Ireland. Also paint the redhair.

Here are some pictures of the colours I use, first picture for the skin, and the second one for the redhair.

I do the entire shield (include weathering), the brooch, and the cotton cloak.

Weathering is a lot of fun job.

Picture of the mix for the cloack.

Hope you like the progress of my work, and see you in the next entry!