viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Leave a comment and win this amazing figures!!!

Hello guys, today I´m going to explain to you this little contest that I have in mind.

I´m just starting as pro in this amazing world of miniatures, and a good way to people know me is follow my blog.

So I decide that we can help each other, you only have to suscribe to my blog and let me a comment explain what kind of stuff you would like to see on it , as sbs, unboxings, news of miniatures.. be creative!

These are the miniatures that I have for the contest. You can only achieve one, so other follower can get one too.

                                               This warrior of shadowcrafter miniatures

                                              A pretty awesome miniature, also of shadowcrafter.

Shadowblade of warhammer miniatures. So cool.

                     And the special prize for the best idea for my blog! I´ll choose the 3 betters ideas and 
                                           randomly one will get this super pack of dwarfs.

        I will send worldwide so don´t be shy! wherever you are this miniatures will find you!

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Fishing day

This is a proyect that I have in mind for a very long time. I try to make a window that shows the inside of the lake, but I´m run out of time for my town contest, so the result it´s not as good as I like it.

martes, 18 de marzo de 2014

Come back home

I really felt in love these days with historical miniatures.

I love celtic culture too, so here I go with an awesome celtic warrior of latorremodels.

Sacred Hope

One of my entries to Leganés contest.

All is made with oils. Hope you like it.

Soon I´ll post a sbs of this figure. 

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

How to do an oven to dry oils

The last week I do a miniature proyect, all with oils. This means a few thing, and the one that matters in our article is the drying time of this kind of paints.

if you do a layer with oils, normally you´ll have to waint 2 or 3 days until it´s completely dry.

The oils don´t have water in their composition, they have oil, thats the because of long drying time.

I decided to make a oven to deal with this issue.

First of all you´ll need a metallic box. I stole this from my mother. A cookies box storage.

In the bottom , we make a hole to put the lamp inside, and keep the lamp attach.

 Remember, bigger enough to put inside, but not to much because the other way the lamp could damage our miniature.

 I´´use a 60 w lamp. This will give me a nice temperature. aprox 1 or 1:30 hour to dry the miniature.

It´s important that you keep in mind that you can only put inside the oven a metal miniature and if you move away a little more the miniature, a resine cast will be work to. The ideal distance is 5-10cm to metal figures, and 20-25 to resine figures.
never ever, put a plastic one inside.

 This will be my lamp.

As you can see de hole holds my lamp, and keep a little part inside. Thats teh part where I´ll put the 60 w lamp.

The inside of the metallic box with the 60w .

As you can see, for move away the lamp of miniature I build a estructure with stryrofoam and wood.
I realized later that the wood wouldn´t be necesary, because my figure was made of metal.

I covered the edge of the box with plastic paper, so the dust can´t get inside my miniature while it´s drying.

And this is all for now. If you have any questions about oils please don´t be shy and let me a comment.

jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

How to do a nice water splashes.

I start today writing a serie of  deepest tutorials, focus in techniques to reach a determinated stuff.

Today I wanna show you how I do a very realistics splashes of water.

 This is some kind of cottom spiderweb. It´s very easy to find on parties stores of costumes stores.
I buy a lot for a halloween party, and I keep the rest for my miniatures.

These are the materials I´m going to use for the splashes. Still water of vallejo, a old plstic glass, and a toothpick.

Put arround the glass the spiderwebs. extend above the hole very tight.

This is the right way to extend the spiderweb.

I hold the spiderweb with tape.

This is the first step using the water effect.
Splash arround the place. Don´t be shy, and get dirty.

With the toothpick, extend it, and pull at once you create a nice splashes.

You should put a lot of water effect on the spiderweb to achieve the right result.

When it dries, this is the look. Very transparent and random forms. You will see that the resin is very strong, and you can cut as you like and put wherever you like.

Hope you like the tutorial , and see you soon!