Infinity Tohaa gao-rel - Tabletop level

                                                                    Barbarian dude 

                                                      Black sorcerer - Nocturna models

                                      Mice and mystics boardgame - Tabletop level

                                                         Why Roxanne?- Bill sikes


                                                             With the last breath

                                                                    Fishing day

                                                               Come back home

                                                                       Sacred Hope

                                            Guardian of the forest - The messenger bust

                                                   Nurgle Chaos warhammer 40k

                                            Award on ludorum games open.

                                                        Halloween night- pumpkin

                  This mini had won the quimera special award from tiny tales.

                                                        Falkar- Searching vengeance
This is one of my beloved miniatures. I learn a lot on a workshop with emuse velasco.

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