Painting service

I have many years on my back studying illustration,drawing, concept art...
I think those elements make me have a personal style. So if you like what I do, please contact me and we find the way that make that proyect that you have in mind come true.
I have different levels of painting, since tabletop game level to professional painting.

My usual working method:
  • First of all you buy the miniature and send to me, or you pay me the miniature and I buy it myself.
  • I always prepare the miniature myself, so please don´t do the preparation step if you send me the miniature.
  • Usually, I ask for a first pay of 30% (aproximation) before I start my work. This payment will be not refunded, and I ask just for security. The first payment will be discount on the final payment, this is just for security, not an extra payment.
  • At the beginning I ask to the costumer what kind of things wants on the miniature, such as colours, ideas, could give me total creative freedom too.
  • I´ll update you on the entire process of the miniature, so you could see how I work with it, and make any changes that you want.
  • Once I finish the miniature, I will send you the final pictures. If you put the green light to the proyect, you should make the entire payment, and I send you the miniature.

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